Saturday, January 8, 2011

We are rebuilding our website.

I thought that since we are focusing on the business this year that it was time to redo my website. Ever since I have had one I never sold anything. I liked the free idea, but did not like what the site offered. I hated the ad's on my pages and I can not afford the large amount of money they wanted to take them off. So I decided the other day to look around and find another place. I found an awesome place and am now in the process of rebuilding the site. Real easy to use and I can link it to my paypal account.. Ya for that!! Right now everything is free and who doesnt like that. So keep checking back here to see when the site is up and running!!.. I will post pictures of what our booth looks like at the flea market in the next few days.
We also have new product ideas that we are working on and can't wait to start them and then show them off!!